Hey there! 👋🏼 I'm Rob Di Toro.

AV Technologist by day,
Canbassador + dog dad by night.

I help make the world a smaller place, using Zoom.

More on what I do:

  • Business Development Manager + Zoom evangelist at Audiovisual Projects.
  • Chief Fun Officer at Canberra Twenty-Somethings (aka. CBR Twenties).
  • Freelance web developer + marketing consultant (with a specialty in the fitness industry) at PT Champion.
  • Qualified Personal Trainer.
  • Perpetual student of the worlds outside + in.
What I get paid to do
  • Sales Engineering
  • Business Development (SMB + Enterprise)
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
What I pay to do
  • Organise meetups
  • Read as much as possible
  • Play guitar… poorly
  • Drink wine, scotch, gin
  • Go out for brunch
  • Ski… poorly
  • Attend retreats at BMIMC

Wanna get in touch? Let's talk